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Patil, Bhimanagouda Leonard Pike Inagural University Professor and Interim Head, Food Science and Technology


Dr. Bhimu Patil is internationally recognized for his expertise and research on 'foods for health' and his related educational programs. His systems-wide farm-to-table approaches include examining pre- and postharvest effects on bioactive compounds, isolating and characterizing these compounds from different fruits and vegetables, and understanding their roles in human health. Moreover, he has a strong working relationship with produce industry stakeholders. Dr. Patil has a distinguished record of achievements in education, including leading the development of three unique courses linking agriculture, human health, and sustainability. Texas A&M University has been a leader in this area, due in part to Dr. Patil's seminal contributions in these first-of-their-kind multidisciplinary courses. Dr. Patil's contributions to education are no less distinguished. He developed and taught three unique, innovative multi-state and multi-disciplinary courses, "Phytochemicals in Fruits and Vegetables to Improve Human Health", "Science of Foods for Health" and "The Nexus of Food & Nutritional Security, Hunger, and Sustainability".

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