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Steiner, Joerg Professor


My veterinary career has mainly focused on two aspects, patient care and clinically-relevant research. As a veterinary clinician and clinical teacher I am exposed to a wide variety of canine and feline patients with complex medical conditions. These patients serve as a constant source of new clinical problems that beckon to be studied further. Sometimes these studies are merely clinical, relating to characterization of an uncommon condition, diagnosis of a difficult-to-diagnose condition, or a novel therapeutic approach to a well-described condition. In other instances studies that are spurred by clinical cases are more basic-science based, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to further evaluate the etiology or pathogenesis of a disease. In some instances, studies may provide comparative aspects related to experimental animals, such as rodents or primates, or even to human patients with similar conditions. I believe that my role as a mentor can be unique in that I can help graduate students bridge the gap between science and clinical aspects and between veterinary and human medical interests - giving us further opportunities to advance the concept of one-health.

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