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Enjeti, Prasad TI Jack Kilby Chair Professor


My research focuses on advance power electronic converters for utility interface of solar-pv/wind/fuel-cell/battery-energy storage power systems, design of high temperature power conversion systems with wide band-gap semiconductor devices, new converter topologies for single/three phase solid state transformers (SSTs) with medium frequency isolation, medium voltage power converters for mega-watt scale solar-pv/wind/fuel-cell energy systems, adjustable speed drives with medium frequency transformer isolation, development of smart solar pv-systems for curved surfaces / BIPVs, power quality enhancement for interconnected renewables, Power Quality Issues: Design & development of Active Power Filters; Dynamic voltage restorer's (DVRs) and new & improved ride-through technologies employing Flywheel and Supercapacitors, and advancing switching power supply designs for portable power systems and modular fuel-cell systems.

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