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Zawieja, David Regents Professor and Department Head


My lab has had a number of research projects focusing on the study of lymphatic structure and function. Each of these projects has, as one of their objectives, the evaluation of the mechanisms (molecular, cellular, mechanical and tissue-level) regulating different aspects of lymphatic function. These projects focus on the ionic/calcium, contractile/regulatory proteins, molecular pathways that regulate lymph transport, lymphatic muscle function, the role of lymphatic function in the generation and resolution of tissue inflammation and the interactions between immune cells and the lymphatic cells. To support this work we have established cultured cell lines of both endothelial and muscle isolated from microlymphatics, acute and cultured isolated microlymphatic tissues, methodologies to evaluate lymphatic function at the single vessel, whole tissue and animal levels, methodologies to target cell-specific gene manipulation in isolated lymphatic tissues, approaches to microscopically image and model lymphatic network structure and function in 3D in lab animals. We have also evaluated the effects of space flight, various inflammatory mediators and other immune activation processes on lymphatic contractile and transport function and how these affect immunity. Finally, we have evaluated different types of lymphatic pathology resulting in lymphedema, various inflammatory diseases and immune dysfunction.

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