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Awika, Joseph Professor


Dr. Awika's broad interest is in developing technologies that maximize the ability of food to protect humans against chronic disease. His research focuses on the chemistry behind the behavior and properties of specific micro (polyphenols) and macro (starch and proteins) food constituents derived from grains. The interactions of the starch and proteins with the polyphenols, and how these interactions affect the rheological and biologically relevant properties of the molecules are of interest. How the structure of the polyphenols can be used to predict and manipulate their chemical behavior and function in food systems, as well as predict their interactions relevant inflammatory response in biological models is a major area of focus.

Dr. Awika's research involves multidisciplinary and international collaborations with geneticists, nutritional biochemists, agronomists, plant breeders, among others, from around the world.

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  • Professor and Department Head