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Long, Charles Professor


My laboratory is currently working on a number of projects involving genetic engineering in cattle, goats, sheep and horses. We use CRISPR/Cas gene editing to specifically alter the coding sequence of genes in sheep to produced biomedical models of human disease, specifically hypophosphatasia. My lab is actively working on projects to produce gene edited cattle that are resistant to respiratory disease. We have also successfully used gene editing to correct the glycogen branching enzyme deficiency mutation in horses. We are also interested in altering the carcass characteristics of beef cattle by genetic engineering genes specifically related to meat tenderness in Bos indicus cattle. Other projects in the lab involve the use of mesenchymal stem cell-based therapies for treatment of equine disease and in particular methods for using these cells to over express proteins that can modulate the inflammatory response. We also have interest in using livestock as bioreactors to produce biotherapeutics and vaccine antigens in their milk. I have extensive experience in using genetic engineering in combination with assisted reproductive technologies (including somatic cell nuclear transfer) to produce live animals.

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