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Ory, Marcia Regents and Distinguished Professor


Her primary administrative role is serving as Founding Director of the University-wide Center for Population Health and Aging.

She also serves as Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives at the Health Science Center. As Founding Director of the Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging, she is working with an interdisciplinary cross-campus group to develop innovative research projects across public health, medicine, architecture, engineering and computer sciences that reframe healthy aging as the new normal.

She has been a primary investigator on multiple local, state and federally funded grants to implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions for promoting healthy lifestyle changes in midlife and older ages. As the National Program Director for Active for Life, she documented the success of behaviorally-based exercise programs for increasing physical activity in Americans 50 and older. She has also served as the national evaluator for the National Study of Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and has directed prevention and management of diabetes program evaluations, including the development and testing of a patient education DIOSK for providing education to low-literacy persons with diabetes. She has directed the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services adaptation and evaluation of the Texercise Program and overseen the local implementation and evaluation of the evidence-based Fit and Strong! program. Further, she has been an active member of the Texas Falls Prevention Coalition (now the Texas Active for Life Coalition) since its inception and has specialized expertise in evaluation of community-based fall prevention programs for vulnerable older adults, including A Matter of Balance, Otago, and Stepping On.

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