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Quinn, Margaret Associate Professor


Margaret F. Quinn is an Associate Professor in the department of Teaching, Learning and Culture. Her scholarship seeks to understand children's experiences and skills in a 21st century context by developing approaches for supporting successful learners who can thrive contemporaneously and in the future in ways that are innovative and effective. Her research examines both children developing in context as well as teachers in early education and elementary settings with a specific priority placed on children (as well as their families and teachers) from historically marginalized and minoritized backgrounds. Her work, thus, centers on two primary foci - (1) understanding, evaluating, and supporting teachers' instruction and instructional interventions in the areas of emergent literacy, early writing, and early STEM learning, and (2) understanding the nature and development of 21st century skills through authentic assessment and efficacious and sound measures and patterns of interactions between academic skills and other extant factors.

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