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Creevy, Kate Professor


Dr. Creevy is a board-certified small animal veterinary internist, with a primary research interest in longevity, healthspan, morbidity and mortality within and among dog breeds as well as secondary research interests in infectious disease, and pedagogical theory in science education. In 2007, she established a productive collaboration with Dr. Daniel Promislow, combining her expertise in veterinary research and clinical practice with his expertise in genetics, aging and statistical analysis. Initially, their work was focused on the analysis of existing veterinary medical datasets. With the addition of Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, in 2014, the trio founded the Dog Aging Project and began to create a community of dog owners interested in becoming involved in this citizen-science project. The Dog Aging Project's current longitudinal study ambitious undertaking is the largest prospective study of companion dogs ever performed, enrolling 10,000 dogs across the nation who will be followed for ten years.

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