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Tarazaga, Pablo Professor


My research focuses on the general areas of structural dynamics, vibration, testing, adaptive structures and smart materials.

Structural Dynamics

Our work focuses on several aspects of structural dynamics such as modeling, vibration suppression, vibro-acoustics, nonlinear systems, testing (environmental) and validation. Our work strongly focuses on bridging the theoretical and experimental field in order to provide well-validated and trustworthy systems. Our testing labs feature several distinct capabilities such as non-contact measurements, SIMO and MIMO capabilities, large shakers, non-contact excitation, and ground isolation platforms.

Adaptive Structures

By adaptive structures we refer to structures that have the ability to adapt, evolve or change their properties or behavior in response to the environment around them. Much of this work is accomplished with domain-coupled material such as piezoceramics and shape memory alloys and use much of the techniques we use in structural dynamics to achieve, for example, high precision control and structure integration in a native way.

Smart Infrastructure

As founder and co-Director of the Virginia Tech Smart Infrastructure Laboratory, I have led a team focused on research in topics that utilize sensor information to improve the design, monitoring and daily operation of civil and mechanical infrastructure as well as to investigate how humans interact with the built environment. This work features the fully instrumented Goodwin Hall with over 240 accelerometers through the building.

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