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Zhan, Hongbin Holder of Endowed Dudley J. Hughes '51 Chair in Geology and Geophysics


My teaching and research interests are primarily in fundamental processes of groundwater hydrology, flow and transport in geological formations, and their applications in water resources management and geological, environmental, and petroleum engineering. I am recently interested in unconventional subsurface flow and transport processes, with the studied media changing from permeable porous and fractured ones to much less permeable ones such as clay and shale, and the studied pore sizes also changing from millimeters to micro-meters or even nano-meters. I am interested in the following research:

1. Flow and solute transport in highly deformable low-permeability porous media

2. Interaction of aquifer with connected and disconnected rivers

3. Vapor flow and transport in the subsurface

4. Non-Darcian flow and its impact on anomalous transport

5. Coupled unsaturated-saturated flow and transport problems

6. Radial dispersion and push-and-pull tests

7. Flow and transport in sloping aquifers

8. Coupled aquifer-conduit-fracture flow and transport

9. Flow and transport in fracture-matrix systems

10. Vadose zone infiltration well

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