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Puppala, Anand Professor & A.P. and Florence Wiley Chair


Dr Puppala has been conducting research on stabilization of expansive soils, ground improvement works for mega projects, UAVs for infrastructure monitoring studies and asset management studies, dam safety and embankments slope studies, in situ intrusive methods for site characterization, infrastructure resilience and material characterization studies. Dr. Puppala has been a recipient of several major research grants totaling over 25+ Millions of dollars from federal, state and local government agencies. Dr. Puppala is the director of NSF's Industry University Co-operative Research Center (IUCRC) site on Composites in Civil Infrastructure (CICI) at TAMU. He has been serving as a program director of TRANSET, a University Transportation Center (UTC) based in LSU. Dr. Puppala's research scholarly record included 500+ publications including 220+ Journals and has edited seven special publications. He has supervised 42 Doctoral and 52 Masters' thesis students and is currently advising 9 doctoral students and three postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Puppala is an editorial member for several major journals in Civil Engineering including ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE Journal of Materials, ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal and edited several books including seven ASCE Special Publications. He has given several major keynote and invited talks all over the World including a recent prestigious ASCE GI's Ralph Peck keynote lecture in 2020 GeoCongress Meeting held at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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  • Professor and Director of Center for Infrastructure Renewal