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Marianno, Craig Assistant Professor


Dr. Craig Marianno's areas of interest include nuclear counter terrorism, nuclear instrumentation development, exercise development, radiological consequence management and environmental health physics. From 2000 - 2009 Dr. Marianno worked for the Remote Sensing Laboratory (RSL) and served in many of the National Nuclear Security Administration's emergency response teams. He has been a member and team lead for the Nuclear/Radiological Advisory Team (NRAT), Capital Region Search Team (CRST), Aerial Measurements System (AMS), Consequence Management Response Team (CMRT), Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (FRMAC) Search Response Team (SRT) and a Captain on the Radiological Assistance Program (RAP). He was responsible for generating the dose assessment and geographic data sets for every Nuclear Power plant exercise in which the DOE participates from 2004 to 2007. From 2007 to 2009 he managed the engineering group responsible for developing custom instrumentation for the detection of radiation in unique environments. He has a Bachelor's in Physics from the University of California at Davis, a Master's in Radiological Health Sciences from Colorado State and a PhD in Radiation Health Physics from Oregon State. He is a Certified Health Physicist, a member of the Health Physics Society and a member of the Society's Homeland Security Committee. He is also serve's in the society's "Ask the Export" for homeland security matters.

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