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Derr, James Professor


Dr. Derr has directed worldwide research projects in wildlife and livestock conservation genetics for over 25 years. This body of work has produced more than 75 scientific publications reporting original research on many different species. For example, Dr. Derr has authored articles on bison, dolphins, domestic and wild cats, elk, pronghorn antelope, sheep, quail, white-tailed and mule deer, whales, domestic livestock and multiple fish species. All of this conservation genetics research has been funded through international, federal, state, NGO and private funding sources including the DSC and DSC Foundation. In addition, Dr. Derr is an impactful educator through his teaching efforts in undergraduate genetic courses to students interested in medicine (human and veterinary) and he has mentored over 100 graduate students in the fields of conservation / population genetics and animal health. One of Dr. Derr's most popular courses is "Wildlife Conservation Medicine". This course is designed for first- and second-year veterinary students to travel to South Africa and Botswana to learn how to chemically immobilize, treat and transport everything from African plains game to dangerous game. His efforts with these young veterinarians ensure they graduate with specialized knowledge and skills to handle health care and conservation issues with the tremendous number of exotic wildlife species here in the State of Texas on private ranches and preserves.

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