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Ye, Xinyue Associate Professor


Dr. Xinyue Ye is Harold Adams Endowed Professor on Interdisciplinary Built Environment Science Research, Associate Professor of Stellar Faculty Provost Target Hire for Urban Computing at Texas A&M University, where he directs Urban Data Science Lab. With the career experience in urban planning, economic geography, geographic information system, and computational science, his research focuses on geospatial artificial intelligence, big data, smart cities, and urban computing. Dr. Ye models the space-time perspective of socioeconomic inequality and human dynamics for applications in various domains, such as economic development, disaster response, transportation and land use, public health and urban crime. He was the elected chair of the American Association of Geographers (AAG)'s Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group, co-chair of Asian Geography Specialty Group and chair of China Specialty Group. He also served as President of the International Association of Chinese Professionals in Geographic Information Science. He won the national first-place research award from University Economic Development Association in 2011 and received the Regional Development and Planning emerging scholar award from AAG in 2012. He was the recipient of annual research awards from both computational science (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and Geography (Kent State University). His work has been funded by National Science Foundation, National Institute of Justice, Department of Commerce, and Department of Energy.

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