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Antao, Dion Assistant Professor


Dr. Antao's current research interests are in molecular-to-macroscale heat transfer, fluid dynamics and interfacial phenomena, light-structure interactions on micro/nanostructured surfaces, and novel optical diagnostics and metrology for phase-change thermal transport characterization. Manipulating interfacial interactions (liquid-vapor-solid interfaces) at the nano- and microscale to design and enhance phase-change heat transfer processes for applications in electricity generation, electronics and energy conversion system thermal management, low-carbon aviation technology, and water purification. Investigating thermal and fluid transport in liquid-vapor two phase flow heat exchangers. Synthesis, molecular-to-macroscale characterization and accelerated durability testing of low surface energy promotor coatings for enhanced condensation heat transfer in energy systems. Synthesis and characterization of scalable and robust materials for solar energy conversion and boiling/evaporation heat transfer devices/technology. Application of non-equilibrium plasma technologies to enhance thermal, fluid and mechanical processes in clean and sustainable energy conversion applications.

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  • Assistant Professor