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Yoon, Seung Won Associate Professor


Do you believe in the power of committed and caring people?

My research focuses on helping people and organizations grow and thrive through connecting leadership, learning, knowledge sharing, and technologies. To do so, I apply frameworks of social capital, network science, and data analytics. This approach is often called people/HR/workforce analytics.

Traditionally, people used survey and interviews, or gut feeling and intuition based on personal experiences to make important decisions about people. Problem is, they can be more biased and don't scale. In the modern workplace and society, we generate more rich and diverse data - texts, collaboration tools, social media, and more.

I taught research methods and published many empirical articles, and still do. But I realized that traditional methods don't explain well for relational interdependence and structural influence.

Data analytic methods, such as machine learning, social network analysis, text mining, and simulation provide new and very powerful ways to better understand human behaviors. In HR and Workforce Development, use of data analytics is still new. But in many leading and innovative companies, these powerful techniques are applied more in key strategic areas, such as recruiting, career development, performance management, sentiment analysis, and more. I am offering doctoral level courses in social network analysis, HR/workforce analytics in the graduate HRD program. Our HRD doctoral program is one of the best HRD programs nationally and globally. If you believe in the value of workforce education and skills development, and making data-informed decisions about people, I would love to collaborate.

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  • Associate Professor