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Porter, Dana Professor, Extension Program Leader and Associate Department Head


The Texas High Plains is the most intensively irrigated region of the state, with a notably high rate of adoption of efficient advanced irrigation technologies, driven by water limited conditions and supported by a well-developed and collaborative infrastructure of applied research, extension/ technology transfer, irrigation industry and progressive producers. High pumping costs, limited and declining well capacities, increasing localized water quality concerns, availability of new tools and technologies, and other technical, economic and regulatory issues present challenges and opportunities in agricultural irrigation and water management.

I work to promote water conservation and efficient water use through maximizing impact of applied research programs and information resources. Objectives of my programs are to 1) promote appropriate application of technologies, irrigation management tools and practices; 2) improve quality and value of agricultural research by improving understanding of irrigation technologies, BMPs and related crop water management concepts; and 3) provide relevant educational resources and opportunities for traditional and emerging audiences.

My background in crop simulation modeling (including soil water dynamics modeling) and utilization of agricultural and industrial waste materials (and effects on soil water dynamics) is useful in my current research programs. I develop/adapt technologies and practices that support water conservation and mitigate impacts of limited (and declining) water quantity and quality to promote sustainability and profitability of water-limited agricultural production. Accomplishments include advanced integrated irrigation scheduling and control technologies; improved irrigation management strategies for crop production under water-limited conditions; and practical evapotranspiration (ET) based irrigation scheduling tools supporting research programs, on-farm irrigation management and water resources management.

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