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Salazar, Cinthya Assistant Professor


Through qualitative and transformative research methodologies, I examine the systemic inequities affecting minoritized student populations in higher education. I seek to inform the work of higher education practitioners and policymakers and provide data to advocate for equitable policies and inclusive practices on college campuses. In particular, my research focuses on three distinct areas: a) the higher education experiences of undocumented students in the U.S.; b) the use of action research methodologies to enhance the study of higher education; and c) the mechanisms used by minoritized students to access, persist, and succeed in higher education. By investigating these topics, I seek to generate localized retention theories and student success models which can potentially reduce minoritized students' college attrition. In this work, I account for the multiple social identities of students and the intersecting systems of oppression affecting their educational experiences based on race, gender, social class, and immigration status, among others.

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