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Gaede, Holly Instructional Professor


I am interested in all aspects of undergraduate education, including teaching, research, and mentoring. My current activities include teaching the Chemistry 481 seminar course, which is now a writing-intensive "W" course. I have extensive experience in writing instruction in both chemistry and general education courses, and a long-standing interest in improving oral and written scientific communication. I have also taught physical chemistry lecture and laboratory and hope to have the opportunity to participate in the physical chemistry offerings at Texas A&M University in the near future. My own research interests are in the area of solid-state NMR of membrane systems, where I have studied different types of intermolecular interactions. I am also interested in NMR diffusion measurements in membrane systems and using NMR to study novel supported bilayers. I plan to continue my research efforts through collaboration, both within Texas A&M and with scientists at other institutions.

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  • Instructional Professor