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Bentley, Regina Clinical Associate Professor


Dr. Bentley has participated in research and service learning projects involving interprofessional education and service learning in health care. From leading student teams in Bolivia and Ecuador, to introducing interprofessional simulation to medical and nursing faculty, she has developed skills and expertise in this emerging topic area. Research projects include, "An Interdisciplinary Education Model Applied to an Interprofessional Health Care Ethics Course," "Learning Together: An Interprofessional Program for Medical and Nursing Students Visiting Wards of the Court," "Interprofessional Education in a Healthcare Ethics Course," and "A Faculty Development Collaborative to Support the Use of Interprofessional Simulation in Central Texas". Dr. Bentley has presented findings on interprofessional programs and simulation as well as barriers to interprofessional education at conferences which have included the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference on Medical Student Education, Association for the Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education, National League for Nursing's Education Summit, and American Association of Colleges of Nursing Baccalaureate Education Conference.

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