Development of a Diagnostic System for Air Brakes in Autonomous and Connected Trucks Grant uri icon


  • Air brakes are sensitive to maintenance and are employed in trucks; proper functioning of air brakes is critical to safety of autonomous and connected trucks. Current manual inspection techniques focus on two important defects of brake system: (1) leakage of air, and (2) pushrod stroking beyond an acceptable limit. While both defects affect the steady state brake torque available at the wheels, they also significantly affect the transient response of brakes. In both cases, the stopping distance will increase significantly. This project is concerned with developing a diagnostic system for estimating the leakage and stroke of the pushrod and corroborating the efficacy of the developed system on an experimental air brake system setup that will be built as a part of this project. The proposed diagnostic system can be used to facilitate pre-trip and enforcement inspections of air brakes in trucks and as an on-board monitoring system for air brakes in trucks in Autonomous and Connected Trucks.

date/time interval

  • 2019 - 2021