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Woodward, Jason Professor and Extension Specialist


The objectives of my extension program are to provide relevant education and field support to clientele in the Hugh Plains of Texas with regard primarily to disease management issues in peanuts and cotton. These objectives are achieved by my participation in local, regional and national programs, as well as through the production of various publications, such as newsletters, extension bulletins, research reports, and fact sheets. Information generated in my program comes from conducting applied research trials that address the current needs of growers in the region, as well as through collaborative efforts with faculty and personnel from the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station (TAES), Texas Tech University (TTU), and other University and Industry scientists. Particular interests of my program include integrated disease management by innovative, cost effective strategies comprised of new fungicides or fungicide combinations, and cultural practices. Additional aspects of my program include plant disease epidemiology, management of fungicide resistance, and plant disease diagnosis.

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  • Professor and Extension Specialist