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Davis, Danny Associate Professor of the Practice


The ability to thoroughly research a subject was a set of skills that I honed during my 20 year Army career. When I came to Texas A&M University, I brought that experience with me.

In 2010, my book The Phinehas Priesthood: Violent Vanguard for the Christian Identity Movement was published. This book came about after years of practical experience in counterterrorism in the Army and extensive research for my dissertation. From that time, I have continued to study individuals and groups that use terrorist tactics to further a cause. This area of study, combined with staying current on national security law and policy are essential to keep my Bush School classes current.

Since being a full-time professor at Bush School I have jointly published ten security-related articles in journals and or other publications. Also of note are three independent studies conducted for state agencies. Completed in December 2020 was "Texas A&M University's Study of The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's Gap Analysis: Human Trafficking & Exploitation Mission". In October 2019, "Analysis of Digital Forensic Capabilities in Texas Law Enforcement Agencies", was delivered to the Texas Attorney General Office. The third study "Physical Security Threats and Cyber Vulnerabilities to the Texas Voting System", was completed and presented to the Election Division of the Texas Secretary of State in August 2018.

My research portfolio includes one State of Texas and three Federal grants. They are listed here in reverse chronological order.

Federal External 2020-2021 DOD-Office of Net Assessment Cost Reimbursable HQ003419C116 M2000152 yes PI Assessing Warfare in the Digital Age:-Developing a Net Assessment Framework to Define, Compare and Measure the Role of Information-in the Strategic Concepts, Objectives, Operations and Capabilities of-the Peoples Republic of China, the Russia Federation and the United States. Total $ Grant Amount: $242,638.93 $ Amount Attributable to Candidate: $15,724.53.

*In 2020, as the PI I received the TEES 2020 Engineering Genesis Award.

Federal External 2020-2022 DOD-Air Force-Research Laboratory Cost Reimbursable FA8650-15-D-1833-FA865019F1682 M2001439 No PI Cyber-Spectrum Collaborative Research Environment (CSCoRE) $ Grant Amount: $178,517.82 $ Amount Attributable to Candidate: $139.917.82.

State External 2019-2021 Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Cost Reimbursable PO #20-40388 and #21-40271 / TABC #20-00053 M2000764 Yes PI Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Total $ Grant Amount: $723,226.20 $ Amount Attributable to Candidate: $110,000.00

Federal External 2018-2019 DOD-National Security Agency Cost Reimbursable H98230-18-1-0077 M1802191 Yes Co-I Texas A&M University GenCyber Grant Total $ Grant Amount: $100,000.00 $ Amount Attributable to Candidate: $9,147.00

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