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Chiang, Shawn Assistant Professor


Dr. Shawn Chiang is a social behavioral scientist focusing on reducing health disparity in cancer control related health behaviors through translational digital health & communication science. Dr. Chiang utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research designs, and employs a variety of analysis methods to answer research questions. He views the digital media environment as a social determinant of health and engage with community members to understand their barriers, and design culturally responsive behavioral and communication interventions so they can attain the opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

To date, the primary aims of his research are 1) to enhance the understanding of the individual, interpersonal, and social determinants of health that can contribute to behavioral change, particularly related to cancer prevention, 2) to understand opportunities and challenges for using new communication technologies for health behaviors, and 3) to develop and evaluate novel, theoretically-grounded methods and products that make use of communication technologies.

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