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Kreuter, Urs Professor


Dr. Kreuter directs a research program focusing on the Human Dimensions of Rangeland Ecosystem Management. His research is driven by his multidisciplinary interests in ecological economics, rural sociology and environmental psychology and aims to develop theory regarding integrated ecosystem management. Research projects that he directs are conducted at individual property, community and ecosystem scales. Some issues that Dr. Kreuter's research program have addressed include the effects of shifting social values and human demographics on rangeland management; the effectiveness of incentive programs aimed at improving rangeland health, wildlife habitat and water quality on private lands; the effects of landowner perceptions regarding property rights on ecosystem management; and factors influencing the use of fire as a rangeland management tool. Dr Kreuter's research aims to inform policy aimed at creating positive incentives for the sustainable use and management of terrestrial ecosystems under a broad range of land tenure systems.

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  • Professor