Sanchez Collado, Gustavo Alejandro (2019-11). Creativity in the Workplace: A Call to Create. Master's Thesis. Thesis uri icon


  • Creativity is a vital component in today's fast-paced society focused on innovation and output. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, organizations are adopting a culture of dynamic adjustment internally. Difficulties in measuring concrete outcomes from creativity can lead organizations to neglect the importance of promoting it in the workplace, subsequently impacting their ability to be successful. Based on the idea that behavior is a complex interaction between person and situation, organizational creativity for the entire system results from the creative outputs of constituent groups and situational. While most of the workplace literature focuses on broad theoretical concepts, creating evaluation instruments, and the assessment of outcomes, very few studies propose comprehensive approaches for organizations to easily reference in order to confidently implement evidence-based practices related to creativity. Given the gaps in literature and difficulties in measuring creative outcomes, organizations may be at a disadvantage, because they do not have a clear path to developing a creative workplace. This literature review summarizes recent research examining workplace creativity with the goal of identifying and connecting best practices, so that organizations can develop creative workplace interventions suited to their respective needs. The impact of organizational practices on creativity are assessed within the context of recruitment, selection, training, and in regards to organizational culture; focusing on antecedents of creativity to guide organizational efforts.

publication date

  • November 2019