Multiscale modeling and characterization of advanced interface materials for high energy and corrosive environments Grant uri icon


  • Interfaces in metals, ceramics and alloys play an important, often decisive, role in determining the thermo-mechanical behavior of materials under various loading and environmental conditions, e.g. advanced steels utilized in the oil and gas industries. To rationally design and accelerate discoveries of new material systems with novel thermo-mechanical properties-be it high temperature strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue life or any other mechanical property- the ability to predict the macroscopic properties on the basis of microstructure and interface structure is needed. The purpose of the proposed work is to address this need by designing an engineered type of coating metal/ceramic nanocomposites with engineered nanolaminate structures that will exhibit very high strengths, fracture and fatigue resistance, thermal stability and corrosion resistance under high energy environment which has not been attempted. The idea is to combine the superior properties of nanolaminate metallic structures with those of advanced high strength steel. Although refractory ceramic materials such as TaC, and TiC, have high temperature strength and resistance to thermal shock and damage from thermal cycling, they are relatively brittle material with limited ductility and strength. However, laminate structures made of nano-layers with high density of incoherent interfaces (e.g. Ti on TiC, TiN on Ti), that act as sinks to point defects, may have superior mechanical properties with strong resistance to thermal and environmental damage. The novel concept is to plate nanoscale metallic layers (e.g. Ti and Ta) onto the surface of advanced high strength steel with an optimum microstructural design. This approach will be able to marry detailed modeling the well-controlled interfaces for engineered solutions. We will create the metal/ceramic composites layer by layer by gas phase atomic layer deposition which is useful for high aspect ratio and large area system in short times..........

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  • 2015 - 2018