Novel aluminum alloys for very high temperature applications Grant uri icon


  • This project seeks to develop novel aluminum alloys with transition metal additions in particular scandium (Sc) and zirconium (Zr) - which exhibit high strength to very high temperature (400ºC). Small additions of Sc (<0.25 at.%) produce a high number density of precipitates in aluminum alloys, resulting in high strength. Further small additions of Zr and other transition metals make these precipitates stable to very high temperature, so the alloy maintains its strength after high temperature exposure, both at ambient and elevated temperature. Applications include automotive engines and brakes (replacing heavier steel) and brackets in airplanes (replacing titanium). An international multidisciplinary team from TAMUQ, Qatar University (QU), TAMU-CS and Northwestern University (NU) will develop new Al-Sc-Zr alloys with additional alloying additions to optimize their structure, mechanical and fatigue properties. Alloy processing (casting, rolling, heat-treatments, microstructure manipulation) will be studied by the Lead-PI and PI from NU in collaboration with QU and Qatalum/Hydro, that will also be identifying high-value applications.........

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2018