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Nichols, John Associate Professor


Dr. John Nichols' interests include statistical analysis of experimental data in a variety of engineering, applied mathematical areas, econometrics, and in human loss of life in disasters and building collapse. He studied pure math and physics at ANU before shifting to engineering.

He has served on the graduate committees of 125 students at TAMU in the College of Architecture and College of Engineering. He has coordinated and extended the software code for a long running - 2004-2019 study on NASH games using a commercial game to study the main and sub-games.

Dr Nichols has developed numerous computer programmes including rule based AI programs in Lisp for AutoCAD. He has been recently working on the modification of the ODE for the COVID Virus to allow for weekly fluctuation patterns.

Dr. Nichols principal area of research is in the use of Game Theory to study human interaction in practical games and in the statistical analysis of large data sets using advanced programming in Fortran, Lisp, C# and some Python.

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