Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of sp carbon chains with bis(phosphine) pentafluorophenylplatinum endgroups: butadiynediyl (C4) through hexadecaoctaynediyl (C16) bridges, and beyond. Academic Article uri icon


  • The reaction of trans-[(C(6)F(5))(p-tol(3)P)(2)PtCl] (PtCl) and butadiyne (cat. CuI, HNEt(2)) gives trans-[(C(6)F(5))(p-tol(3)P)(2)Pt(Ctbond;C)(2)H] (PtC(4)H, 81 %), which reacts with excess HC(triple bond)CSiEt(3) under Hay coupling conditions (O(2), cat. CuCl/TMEDA, acetone) to yield PtC(6)Si (53 %). A solution of PtC(6)Si in acetone is treated with wet nBu(4)NF to generate PtC(6)H. The addition of ClSiMe(3) (F(-) scavenger) and then excess HC(triple bond)CSiEt(3) under Hay conditions gives PtC(8)Si (39 %). Hay homocouplings of PtC(4)H, PtC(6)H, and PtC(8)H (generated in situ analogously to PtC(6)H) yield PtC(8)Pt, PtC(12)Pt, and PtC(16)Pt (97-92 %). Reactions of PtC(4)H and PtC(6)H with PtCl (cat. CuCl, HNEt(2)) give PtC(4)Pt and PtC(6)Pt (69 %, 34 %). The attempted conversion of PtC(8)H to PtC(10)Si affords mainly PtC(16)Pt, with traces of PtC(20)Pt and PtC(24)Pt. The complexes PtC(x)Pt are exceedingly stable (dec pts 234 to 288 degrees C), and Et(3)P displaces p-tol(3)P to give the corresponding compounds Pt'C(8)Pt' and Pt'C(12)Pt' (94-90 %). The effect of carbon chain lengths upon IR nu(C(triple bond)C) patterns (progressively more bands), UV/Vis spectra (progressively red-shifted and more intense bands with epsilon >600 000 M(-1) cm(-1)), redox properties (progressively more difficult and less reversible oxidations), and NMR values are studied, and analyzed with respect to the polymeric sp carbon allotrope "carbyne". The crystal structure of PtC(12)Pt shows a dramatic, unprecedented degree of chain bending, whereas the chains in PtC(8)Pt, Pt'C(12)Pt', and PtC(16)Pt are nearly linear.

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  • Chemistry

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  • Mohr, W., Stahl, J., Hampel, F., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • Mohr, Wolfgang||Stahl, J├╝rgen||Hampel, Frank||Gladysz, JA

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  • July 2003