sp carbon chains surrounded by sp(3) carbon double helices: directed syntheses of wirelike Pt(CC)(n)Pt moieties that are spanned by two P(CH(2))(m)P linkages via alkene metathesis. Academic Article uri icon


  • Reactions of trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2PtCl (1; m' = a, 6; b, 7; c, 8; d, 9; e, 10) and H(CC)2H (HNEt2, cat. CuI) give trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2Pt(CC)2H (3a-e, 80-95%). Oxidative homocouplings of 3a-d under Hay conditions (O2, cat. CuCl/TMEDA, acetone) yield trans,trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2Pt(CC)4Pt(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2(C6F5) (4a-d, 64-84%). Treatment of 3c-e with excess HCCSiEt3 under Hay conditions gives trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2Pt(CC)3SiEt3 (56-73%). Homocouplings (n-Bu4N+ F-, Me3SiCl, Hay conditions) afford trans,trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2Pt(CC)6Pt(Ph2P(CH2)m'CH=CH2)2(C6F5) (13c-e, 59-64%). Reactions of 4a-d and 13c-e with Grubbs' catalyst, followed by hydrogenation, give mixtures of trans,trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)mPPh2)Pt(CC)nPt(Ph2P(CH2)mPPh2)(C6F5) with termini-spanning diphosphines and trans,trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)mPPh2)Pt(CC)nPt(Ph2P(CH2)mPPh2)(C6F5) with trans-spanning diphosphines (m = 2m' + 2; n = 4, 6). The latter (n = 4) are independently synthesized by similar metatheses/hydrogenations of 1a-d to give trans-(C6F5)(Ph2P(CH2)mPPh2)PtCl (49-59%), followed by analogous introductions of (CC)4 chains (66-77%). Crystal structures of complexes with termini-spanning diphosphines show sp3 chains with both double-helical (m/n = 20/4) and nonhelical (m/n = 20/6) conformations, and highly shielded sp chains. The sp3 chains of complexes with trans-spanning diphosphines exhibit double half-clamshell conformations. The dynamic properties of both classes of molecules are analyzed in detail.

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  • J Am Chem Soc

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  • de Quadras, L., Bauer, E. B., Mohr, W., Bohling, J. C., Peters, T. B., Martn-Alvarez, J. M., Hampel, F., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • de Quadras, Laura||Bauer, Eike B||Mohr, Wolfgang||Bohling, James C||Peters, Thomas B||Martín-Alvarez, José Miguel||Hampel, Frank||Gladysz, John A

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  • July 2007