Coordination-driven self-assembly, structures, and dynamic properties of diplatinum hexatriynediyl and butadiynediyl complexes in which the sp carbon chains are shielded by sp3 carbon chains: towards endgroup-endgroup interactions. Academic Article uri icon


  • Sequential reactions of trans-(C6F5)(p-tol3P)2Pt(C[triple chemical bond]C)3SiEt3 (PtC6SiEt3) with nBu4N+ F(-) (THF/methanol), PtCl, KPF6/tBuOK, and CuCl give trans,trans-[(C6F5){(p-tol3P)2}Pt(C[triple chemical bond]C)3Pt{(Pp-tol3)2}(C6F5)] (PtC6Pt) in 95 % yield on multigram scales. Reactions of PtC6Pt and Ar2P(CH2)mPAr2 afford substitution products trans,trans-[(C6F5){(Ar2P(CH2)mPAr2)}Pt(C[triple chemical bond]C)3Pt{(Ar2P(CH2)mPAr2)}(C6F5)] (PtC6Pt-m/Ar; m/Ar=8/p-tol, 78 %; 10/Ph, 82 %; 11/Ph, 69 %; 12/Ph, 57 %; 14/p-tol, 57 %; 14/p-C6H4-tBu, 71 %), in which the diphosphines span the square planar platinum endgroups. An analogous reaction with PEt3 gives a tetrakis PEt3 complex Pt'C6Pt' (72 %). The crystal structures of PtC6Pt, Pt'C6Pt', PtC6Pt-10/Ph, PtC6Pt-11/Ph, and PtC6Pt-14/p-tol or solvates thereof are compared. In PtC6Pt, the endgroups can avoid van der Waals contact, and define angles of 0 degrees . In PtC6Pt-14/p-tol, the sp3 chains twist around the sp chain in a chiral double-helical motif, with an endgroup/endgroup angle of 189 degrees . The sp3 chains are too short to adopt analogous conformations in the other complexes, but laterally shield the sp chain. NMR spectroscopy shows that the helical enantiomers of PtC6Pt-14/p-tol rapidly interconvert in solution at low temperature. A crystal structure of PtC4Pt shows endgroups that are in van der Waals contact and define an angle of 41 degrees . Reactions with Ar2P(CH2)8PAr2 give PtC4Pt-8/Ar (Ar=Ph, 53 %; p-tol, 87 %). Low-temperature NMR spectroscopy establish non-helical chiral conformations. Electrochemical oxidations of the diplatinum complexes are analyzed, the reversibilities of which decrease with increasing sp chain length.

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  • Owen, G. R., Stahl, J., Hampel, F., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • Owen, Gareth R||Stahl, J├╝rgen||Hampel, Frank||Gladysz, John A

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  • January 2008