Sand-Capping as a Means to Improve Water Capture in Degraded Soils Grant uri icon


  • Given growing demands on limited water resources, sports fields,municipal parks, and homeowner yardsincreasingly are being managed with low-quality sources of irrigation water. Management of these lands can become especially difficult where fine textured native soils become degraded due to the low-quality irrigation water.A proposed solution for management of such land under involves capping the degraded soil with sand. Relative to the degraded soil alone, the sand-capped soil is expected to increase infiltration and reduce runoff of rainfall and irrigation water, and to provide a more favorable medium for root growth.The goal of this research will be to develop a management tool to aid in the design of sand-capped soil system so as to minimize undesirable performance over time.

date/time interval

  • 2018 - 2023