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Allison, Lee Associate Professor


My research includes sales, learning pedagogy, personal branding, ethics and artificial intelligence, focusing particularly at the nexus of these relationships for industrial distribution, supply chain and artificial intelligence. This is an emergent area of vital concern to The Industrial Distribution program and offers an opportunity to contribute to our industry partners and their success. Brief descriptions of recent and current research projects include:

Blair, James R., and Lee Allison. "Participative Pricing," in Encyclopedia of Sport Management, edited by Paul M. Pedersen, Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc., 2024 (forthcoming).

Blair, James R., Lee Allison and Jin Ho Jung (2024). "The Importance of Personal Branding in Business Education," in Effective Methods for Teaching Business Related Topics During and Post Crisis, NBEA 2024 (forthcoming).

Allison, Lee, Yu Liu, Samuele Murtinu, and Eddie Wei (2023). "Gender and Firm Performance around the World: The Roles of Finance, Technology and Labor," Journal of Business Research, 154 (January) 113322.

Allison, Lee, Liu Yu, Samuel Martinu, and Eddie Wei (2023) is a project that has very important implications for policy makers across the globe. Journal of Business Research is considered an A level journal in the marketing and sales discipline, by almost all / any standard. Per Google Scholar metrics in the Business, Economics and Management category, it is the #1 ranked journal. It is also number one when drilling down to the marketing discipline.

We use World Bank Enterprise Survey data to examine the differences in key factors of production for male owned / operated firms relative to women owned / operated firms. Specifically, we examine the World Bank Enterprise Survey (WBES) data from 2006 to 2017 for over 130,000 firms in 130 mostly developing countries to explore the performance variance between firms led by women vs. men.

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