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Sansom, Lindsay Assistant Research Professor


My research efforts over the last 10 years have revolved around embracing and utilizing the community-based participatory action research approach to ensure that results from my endeavors are meaningful, actionable, and empower communities with tools for enacting positive change.

Socio-Ecological Systems Framework: A roadmap for collective-action

Within the context of complex environmental challenges faced by modern society, the communities that are most at-risk of negative health outcomes are those that are underserved by traditional governmental services and lack the power or voice to advocate for positive change. Marginalized communities are at a higher risk to natural and anthropogenic hazards, face greater prevalence of water insecurity, and face an unequal access to health promoting activities, such as greenspace and recreation. Building on the Socio-Ecological Systems Framework, my research provides actionable insights into the mechanisms for effective collective action, aiming to bridge the gap between vulnerable communities and equitable access to environmental resources and public health services.

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