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Wiener, Dominique Clinical Assistant Professor


I am an anatomic veterinary pathologist from Bern, Switzerland with broad experience in macroscopical and histological evaluation of tissues from various animal species. I am specialized in Dermatopathology and I provide diagnostic service in the Dermatopathology Speciality Service as well as diagnostic service to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at TAMU. My research focuses on understanding the pathogenesis of non-inflammatory alopecia in dogs. I am investigating the molecular pathways involved in the activation of follicular stem cells and the regulation of the hair cycle. Our research group in Bern could establish a method to investigate the colony forming capacity of canine follicular stem cells and transit amplifying cells. In Utrecht, The Netherlands, I established the culturing of canine skin organoids (derived from interfollicular epidermis and hair follicles). This model system recapitulates in vitro skin stratification more faithfully than currently used 2D lines. These organoid lines provide the basis to explore epidermal function, to investigate culture conditions necessary for the development of organoids with a HF signature and to address cutaneous disorders in dogs and potentially human patients.

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