Electrical and physical characterization of zirconium-doped tantalum oxide, films Conference Paper uri icon


  • A thin SiO 2 film, e.g., beyond 15 Å, is required for the sub 0.1 μm technology node. Replacing SiO 2 with a high dielectric constant material is necessary for many practical issues. Zirconium (Zr)-doped tantalum oxides were studied for the electrical and physical characteristics. The result showed that the doped film had a higher dielectric constant, a lower flat band voltage shift, and less hysteresis than those of a pure TaO x or ZrO y film. The properly doped film had a low leakage current, e.g., 1.27×10 -9 A/cm 2, in the accumulation region. The film was characterized with SIMS and XPS. The SIMS result revealed that the oxide/silicon interface composition changed from SiO 2-like to Zr xSi yO-like when the deposited film was changed from pure TaO x to Zr-doped TaO x. Binding energies of Ta 4f, Zr 3d and O 1s core levels shifted to lower values as the Zr concentration increased. Possible causes were discussed.

author list (cited authors)

  • Tewg, J. Y., Lu, J., Kuo, Y., & Schueler, B.

publication date

  • December 2003