Drosophila BAP60 is an Essential Component of the Brahma Complex, Required for Gene Activation and Repression Academic Article uri icon


  • The SWI/SNF-like chromatin remodeling complex of Drosophila, the Brahma complex, contains four subunits (Brahma, BAP155/Moira, SNR1 and BAP60) conserved from yeast to humans. A reconstituted human complex lacking the BAP60 homolog shows full remodeling activity, suggesting that BAP60 is not essential for the core function. We generated Drosophila mutants and found that BAP60 carries a vital function and participates in complex-mediated transcriptional activation and repression. BAP60 binds DNA and shows genetic and physical interactions with the sex-determining transcription factors encoded by sisterless A and scute. The results support the conclusion that BAP60 participates in site-specific recruitment of the Brahma complex in Drosophila.

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  • Möller, A., Avila, F. W., Erickson, J. W., & Jäckle, H.

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  • 14

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  • September 2005