Syntheses of Iron(0) Complexes of Symmetrical Trialkylphosphines with Three Terminal Vinyl Groups, P((CH2)mCH=CH2)3 Academic Article uri icon


  • © 2015 Journal compilation CSIRO. Reactions of (BDA)Fe(CO)3 (BDA=benzylideneacetone) and P((CH2)mCH=CH2)3 (1; m=4, a; 5, b; 6, c; 7, d; 8, e) give the trigonal bipyramidal bis(phosphine) complexes trans-Fe(CO)3 P((CH2)mCH=CH2)3)2 (2a-e) as moderately air-sensitive yellow-orange oils in 60-75% yields after workup. These and NO+BF4+ react to give the cationic iron dicarbonyl nitrosyl complexes trans-[Fe(CO)2(NO) P((CH2)mCH=CH2)3)2]+BF4+ (3a-e; orange oils, 88-98%). Further substitution is effected with n-Bu4N (X=Cl, Br, I, or CN) to give trans-Fe(CO)(NO)(X)P((CH2)mCH=CH2)3 (4a-e-X; red oils, 73-93%). The NMR (1H, 13C, 31P) and IR properties of these adducts, which provide precursors to gyroscope-like complexes by intramolecular C=C metatheses, are analysed in detail.

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  • Lang, G. M., Skaper, D., Shima, T., Otto, M., Wang, L., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • May 2015