Generation of the dichloromethane complex [(η5-C5Me5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(ClCH2Cl]+ BF4−, and its conversion to the oxidative addition product [(η5-C5Me5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(Cl)(CH2Cl)]+ BF4− Academic Article uri icon


  • Reaction of (η5-C5Me5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(CH3) and HBF4 · OEt2 in CH2Cl2 at -78°C gives the dichloromethane complex [η5-C5Me5Re(NO)(PPh3)(ClCH2Cl)]+ BF4-, which undergoes the title transformation at -35°C. The ReClCH2Cl carbon is attacked by halide nucleophiles (X-) to give XCH2Cl and the chloride complex (η5-C5Me5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(Cl), and exhibits a 13C NMR resonance that is coupled to phosphorus (d, 3J(CP) 5.0 Hz) and geminal hydrogens (t, 1J(CH) 186 Hz). © 1988.

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  • Winter, C. H., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • October 1988