Stereospecific and chemospecific interconversions of the rhenium alkylidene [(η-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(CHC6H5)]+PF6− and the alkylrhenium (η-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(CH(OCH3)C6H5) Academic Article uri icon


  • Addition of methoxide to either geometric isomer of the benzylidene complex [(η-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(CHC6H5)]+PF6- (1t, 1k) affords (η-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(CH(OCH3)C6H5 (2t, 2k) in which a new chiral center has been generated stereospecifically or with high stereoselectivity. Reaction of 2t and 2k with Ph3C+PF6- results in the chemospecific abstraction of a methoxy group and the stereospecific regeneration of 1t and 1k, respectively. © 1980.

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  • Constable, A. G., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • December 1980