Synthesis and reactivity of chiral rhenium amine and amide complexes of the formulas [(.eta.5-C5H5)Re(NO)PPh3)(NHRR')]+TfO- and (.eta.5C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)NRR') Academic Article uri icon


  • Reactions of racemic and optically active (η5-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(OTf) with primary and secondary amines give the amine complexes [(η5-C5H5)Re(NO)-(PPh3)(NHRRʹ)]+TfO- with retention of configuration at rhenium. These react with n-BuLi to give amide complexes (η5-C5H5)Re(NO)(PPh3)(NRRʹ) that contain an unusually basic and nucleophilic nitrogen. © 1990, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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  • Dewey, M. A., Bakke, J. M., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • April 1990