Synthesis of iron carbonyl trimethylsilanes: preparations and interconversions of cis-(CO)4Fe[Si(CH3)3]2, M+[(CO)4FeSi(CH3)3]-, and trans- [Fe(CO)4Si(CH3)3]2 Academic Article uri icon


  • Reaction of petroleum ether slurries of M2Fe(CO)4 (M = Na, K) with (CH3)3SiBr results in ca. 50% yields of cis- (CO)4Fe[Si(CH3)3]2 (1). When K2Fe(CO)4 is reacted with (CH3)3SiBr for 0.5 h in THF, fair yields of K+[(CO)4FeSi(CH3)3]- (2a) are obtained. Reaction of (CO)4Fe(H)Si(CH3)3 with KH and NaH affords 2a (90%) and Na+[(CO)4FeSi(CH3)3]- (2c; 68%), respectively. Both 2a and 2c are oxidized by C7H7+PF6- to the labile binuclear complex trans- [-Fe(CO)4Si(CH3)3]2 (3). Complex 3 can be independently generated from 1 and benzaldehyde and is reduced by Na/Hg to 2c. Other reactions and interconversions of these silanes are described. Some earlier unsuccessful attempts to prepare 1 by related routes are discussed. © 1981, American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

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  • Blakeney, A. J., Johnson, D. L., Donovan, P. W., & Gladysz, J. A.

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  • December 1981