Motorcycle Crash Data Analysis to Support Implementation of a Concrete Barrier Containment Options for Errant Motorcycle Riders Grant uri icon


  • The objectives of this project were to review and analyze existing crash data on motorcycle related accidents, as well as to conduct a detailed literature review on existing motorcycle testing standards and various protocols that foreign Countries have developed throughout the years. The students involved in this project have assisted with crash data review from the Texas CRIS database. They have analyzed motorcycle crash data that was recorded in the State of Texas and that occurred specifically on a Flyover-Connector road type or at a curve. In addition, the students reviewed available police narratives documents from the crashes which occurred on Flyovers or Connectors, to determine, when possible, the dynamic of the accident and to verify other detailed information that was not necessarily present in the crash data file. The students also utilized available computer programs to obtain pictures of those locations where the accidents occurred and complement missing information from the narratives. Students also performed a detailed international literature review of existing standards and protocols on motorcycle testing against roadside safety barriers, as well as of current practices of retrofitting existing roadside safety systems to enhance motorcycle rider safety. This UTC project provides the ability to perform detailed research and data investigation complementing an existing Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project (490027-3 � internal #). The funded TxDOT project aimed at exploring design options for a retrofit concrete barrier system to be deployed at appropriate bridge locations to address errant motorcycle rider�s safety. The objective of this project includes the design, development, and evaluation through computer simulations of an improved retrofit barrier system(s) that has the capability to safely contain errant motorcycle riders during an impact event.

date/time interval

  • 2017