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Brooks, Randy Associate Professor of the Practice


Mission statement: To progress the knowledge and skills of budding Texas A&M engineers by engaging their curiosities, infusing them with Aggie spirit and pride, and enticing them to dive deep into the engineering profession.

Forward-thinking STEM education industry veteran with a passion for developing and implementing ITS (Intelligent Tutoring Systems) supporting both instructors and students...igniting and engaging the curiosity of students through multimedia tools and STEM culture activities...providing guidance and direction in the development of relevant skillsets by leveraging experiences from a 23-year Telecom career comprised of real-world application in project management and network operations and planning...special focus on applying human performance analysis and tailored instructional design to create and deliver student-centric curriculum and lessons preparing lifelong learners to operate in the digital world, which is quickly evolving before us...

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  • Associate Professor of the Practice