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Arroyave, Raymundo Professor


Our group uses computational materials science tools to investigate material properties at different scales of length and time. We use a variety of tools (such as: Ab Initio calculations, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, phase-field models, CALPHAD) to investigate the fundamental properties of complex materials.

In the past three years, our research has focused on: (1) Investigation of Microstructural Evolution at Liquid/Solid Interfaces during Lead-free Soldering; (2) Computational Materials Design of Novel High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys; (3) Phase Stability in Al-Si-Sr Alloys; (4) Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Hydrogen Storage in Mg-based Nano-layered Thin Films; (5) Phase Stability in Nuclear Fuel Materials; (6) Computational Design of Novel High Strength Steels

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