Ecology and Control of Diseases of Sorghum, Corn, and Cotton in a Semi-Arid Subtropical Environment of the United States Grant uri icon


  • Many diseases like charcoal stalk rot of sorghum and corn and problems like aflatoxin in corn are a greater risk under drought stress and when there are added biological stress factors like insects and other diseases. Understanding how all those factors interact to increase the stress-related risks of disease helps us to better screen for sorghum and corn that can avoid the problems and still produce an adequate yield under stress environments. Identifying the role of johnsongrass in sorghum downy mildew will allow us to develop better and more sustainable controls for the disease. Prescription maps for precision application of fungicide to control cotton root rot on cotton reduces the cost for the producer, maintains good disease control, and reduced pesticide application is better for the environment

date/time interval

  • 2017 - 2022