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Emre, Side Associate Professor


Side Emre specializes in the late medieval and early modern history of the Ottoman Empire and Egypt. She examines the historical trajectories of one Islamic mystical order (G?l?eniye) and its members with a focus on their socio-political and cultural impact in the local/inter-regional communities they lived and networked in the pre-modern Muslim world. Her research brings together Near/Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean/North African history (political, cultural, intellectual and religious) and establishes dialogues with medival, early modernist and modernist scholars from a wide array of disciplines. Specifically she focuses on the connections between politics, society, religion, and Sufism (Islamic mysticism) in the pre-modern Muslim world. The larger themes and research topics she is interested in include: cultural transformations, Islamic mystical literature, politics and religion, empire and state making, law, heresy, and Sufism, with its cultural, political, and societial reflections in the Ottoman historical context.

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  • Associate Professor