Thermo- Mechanical Tire-Pavement Interaction: Computational Modelling and Field Measurements Grant uri icon


  • The skid resistance of asphalt pavements is a major characteristic that determines the driving safety on a pavement. Skid resistance depends on the thermo-mechanical interaction between the tire and the pavement surface. While much research has been conducted in the past to identify material factors that affect skid resistance, there is still a need to develop experimentally-validated models for predicting asphalt pavement skid resistance by taking into account the rheological and geometric characteristics of the tire, the material and multi-scale surface texture characteristics of the pavement and the various environmental factors like ambient and pavement surface temperature, precipitation etc. The purpose of this project is to develop a thermo-mechanical computational model for tire-pavement interaction that accounts for the aforementioned mechanisms and factors that contribute to the development of friction between rubber tires and a pavement surface. The model will be calibrated and validated using field measurements of friction and skid resistance in the State of Qatar. In addition, the model will be tested against an existing database of measurements that were conducted by research team members..........

date/time interval

  • 2015 - 2018